When I start reading this article I felt some missing connections in my mind and I realise that I need further investigation to understand Kant better. My intention was to find out are there any other agenda to consider while reading and analysing this article. Therefore I had to think and read so much. True my analyses him and his thoughts structure, (to see what road his mind followed) I made some connections;

  • I think the apparent of Kant’s envisions are very purposive and I feel it has other hidden agendas. From the apparent of his agenda there are some right, yes humanity and knowledge has suffered from beginning of the time. I do accept this. Yes his time was may be the right time rethink and reform the entire humanity. But I think they did it for fewer benefit not for the humanity. This might look a conspiracy theory but, we have capitalism front of us and we cannot ignore the reality of the capitalist system and its needs for to regulate its own establishment. It is possible to denote Kant ideas for united nation and education system as the disappearance of collective relations and the development of rural capitalism.
  • However, according to Kant this explained as; during human civilisations ‘Creator Nature’ has used the necessary mechanisms in order to motivate human beings and encourage them to spread to the whole world. The engine power required for this is provided by the enmity between different groups. With the spread of mankind the human groups differences naturally evolving in process dispositions, (especially differences in language and religion) have caused humiliating conflicts among civilizations and enemies began to conflict. I might agree with him for this point but I don’t feel that this is the only reason.
  • Ok he accepts the Universe and the iniquities as they really are, but he was thinking about how humanity should function and be. His conflict was striking.
  • (When we look at history yes we can see in the early ages that the experiences of our ancestors are driven by religious origins and by dogmas originating from traditions and customs. Dogma is, literally, “a theory based on a teaching or ideology adopted without being tested; a form of thinking that takes evidence from belief teachings in the absence of empirical evidence. (This is a reflection on the abstract reality, such as the conflict between reality and a little abstractedly. I do accept this is a bit problematic but if you are in the middle of conflict and accept both with a bit of scepticism will balance the human nature. Problem start while being away from the centre.))
  • Logical thinkers, was trying to make science under the narrative of religion doctrines and Dogma. Kant’s idea was to make the logical thinkers free from those undisputed doctorines and let them produce more intelligent means, more useful than the ones using it before. Kant’s intent, is to reduce influence of the religious doctrines in different fields over the basic sciences.
  • As he reveals his ideas, “his purpose was to be able to create a more lovable and peaceful world”. But the moon always has two faces and my opinion based on my analyses the purpose of his system was to build institutions to produce science and to educate people so they can easily became controllable groups and they will ensure the continuity of the Capitalist system. I think, therefore Kant has given more weight to law and the Law philosophy in the faculties of universities. He was aware that, it is autonomous and it can happen, that humans live together if the people are lived and directed in the context of the universal rules that humanity needs to apply. Law was the actual key to reform humanity to function in the way Capitalist system want.
  • According to Kant ‘Creator Nature’ s next step it is necessary to live in peace in a single civilization. But he knows that this is impossible for human beings to come together because of the its nature. Kant presented a series of suggestions to change this situation.


What did he suggest?

Kant’s new world order created based on the relations between, how civilizations will be organized, with the agreements and proposals to be transformed internally and externally.

Some of the things are needed for:


My conclusion

Looking at mainstream Academic literature you see different world but in reality something else is happening. As I mentioned above the Moon has two faces and wherever your position is you will see different side of the moon. This means that there are ways to see and I believe our knowledge of objects in the world is determined by our actions and the conditions we are in; the information varies depending on the location of people, their location, and their situation. It is easy to shift from this argument to scepticism about relativity and therefore to say: There are no objective truths, just subjective opinions that are completely different from each other.

For this I mean; from the apparent of Kant’s ideas, I can get agree with him on some information (as I mentioned on each paragraph). However my opinions are based on all his possible hidden agenda and my conclusion is that Kant’s philosophy is a totally submerged and thought-out plan for social engineering. It is very Eurocentric perspective and its not the real agenda as he mentioned in this article, this is all about how to soften human nature and it does not represent the people of the world.

And ‘ İt is not anymore the person need or the intelligence development it’s the forces need functioning with education’


Thank you for reading!

Makbule Yanar


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3 Responses to Kant’s Ideal of the University as a Model for World Peace

  1. Melissa Genc says:

    Wow! you have really researched into this… This was one of the readings I least liked; the language, the style and the context bored me to be honest. I found that most things mentioned was not relevant, for instance conflict is not really experienced nowadays.
    However I really did enjoy reading your post, as it helped me understand Kant’s view from a different perspective and has allowed me to look at this text in a different way now – text doesn’t seem that bad after all! I agree with having missing connections when reading the text at first and really admire your passion in researching further!
    Looking forward to your other reading reflections.

    • Thank you for your positive comment and it is good too hear from you that, my text allowed you to look at the in a different way. This was what I was trying achieve, bring a new perspective.

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