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Future education, creativity, and forms of intelligence


Nature determines the balance between itself and maintains its continuity without any external intervention. But, since we left ‘Garden of Eden’ we are not in complete balance, and we people are constantly looking for new ways to complete our self to get the balance we need. Because we people did not complete our human development yet, we are in progress and still have a long journey. Whatever we experience we accumulate but our known facts are constantly changing. There are no single facts that we operate in. This is why we are often struggling to make progress towards the time ahead, leaving scattered disarray, distracting and destructive ways that will affect our future. These disturbances and disarray we create cannot be recovered with the understanding and values of the past this is why we are developing cognitive and creative skills to progress beyond our boundaries.

We, humans, are the objects of the thoughts but In the field of epistemology, the knowledge is not solid or concrete, it actually multiplies itself with every new interpretation. In contrary to that, we ignored this organic fact and after the industrialization, people treated human nature as a mechanic construction, and life itself and mind of people, constructed in a mechanic way by those enlightened ones. This still resonates in our everyday culture. The developments that we have made in the field of mechanic science, have transformed us and our life. The technological developments that have been achieved so far in time and space have already provided us with almost everything we can have, but I can say that equally, it took us away from many things. I do admit that we, people, are now more secular and freer but our current reality tells us this doesn’t unite us. The actual pattern tells me that even under the same identity, people are still been diverted more than ever before. This tells me actually we are tearing apart even more from our actual true axis. When I think of values even get harder to place my own thoughts, because I see many human values were taken away from our everyday life and left underway the footsteps of personal interests. The things are what I value as a person is not in practice actually. This is the human’s inevitable end. However, we all have our own chooses, but what is matter is what we choose? For me personally, I can choose to go the easy road and take the ‘blue pill’ and live happily in eternal ignorance. I wish I could go this way but, as I am always, instantly and constantly choose the red pill to stay in constant awareness. I do admit that this road is the hard one because it always pushes you to the edge, but the actual truth is there. My life experience showed me that there isn’t a single path for truth but, you can live a true life in action. Why is this important to me? Because, this is what I am valuing as a person and obviously, this will reflect on my teaching practice and my teaching context.

Therefore I say, the truth is in action and I choose to follow a more humanistic approach to my action. The backdrop of this, the current climate context and what human beings have become, sketches that, human nature became the slaves of their own desires and weaknesses. There isn’t room for naiveness, kindness for more human integration. In contrary to that that This is one of the conversations I think we should make more often.

We all had become a consumer doesn’t matter what we consume, (this could be an information) we have been manipulated to consume not produce in the layer of everyday life. Theories and practice show me that the effect of this is on the human mind and in its function such us Less Creativity’ and ‘Convergent thinking’. As a result, when I come to think of the point we arrive, I have to admit to my self the result is far from our human ancestry, and somehow all this did not really fit with my own values. Especially when I actually connect some contexts together, I see that our patterns for life, in general, is more secular, materialistic, goal-oriented, self-centered, single-process, systematic, uniform mind-structuring. I believe this patterns of ‘convergent thinking’ is knotting our mind and this structure is also blocking our future. I do say our collective mind along with ‘convergent thinking’ is not being able to produce solutions.

Ok then, what we need? My learning experience in this journey telling me that there is a need for a new perspective to regulate the disarray we have created on Earth. To have this perspective What skills we need?

My research analyzes around this context identify that with the technological advancement and globalization, we enter the era of the 4th revolution in education. In fact, in summary, we need an intellectual wisdom in education to gather all this disarray and the imagination, which is the creative, unifying thought and vision. So we need urgently people who can think divergent. However, the education has shown a great endeavor in the past century not to have a divergent thinking all over the world. For many people, this word even suggests a problem. Because being divergent requires being anarchic, because there are ideas and behaviors to break down what is already there. Since it is not influenced by its influence, all the instruments of education are trying to make the person convergent. I can say that they even became successful all over the world with the convergent thinking.

Sir Ken Robinson has been talking and writing ‘divergent thinking’ for years

“….”We don’t grow into creativity,” says K. Robinson “We grow out of it, or rather get educated out of it...” p51

Aon says in education that humanity needs to a new educational structure for this new condition.

So the next question is:

“…How should we be preparing people for this fast-changing world?…”  Aoun, Joseph (Kindle Locations 136-140).

Aon gives some titles about what we need to teach:

 Convergent thinking:“…The mind of these people focuses on finding the single “right” answer to a problem or relative…”

Divergent thinking:“… Divergent thinking is the ability of someone to produce results by creating the possibility of restructuring, as circumstances demand, expressing sensitivity to the changing nuances of a problem “…in a free flow of ideas…” The fertility of the thought is related to the willingness and risk-taking of the person. (50)Aoun

An example: From one problem too many solutions.

“Each life is a singularity, a heterogeneous, a closed existence.
By gathering them, another is born. This world is growing by a repetition of the process. YuukiMorita,… This is a short film created in the summer of 2012…”

Basic thinking styles that should be at the center of the new curriculum;

 Critical thinking: “…Critical thinking is skilfully analyzing all layers for a complete understanding of the content in any case, and then applying them efficiently…”

To me, Monbiot’s idea ‘rewild the world’ is one of the examples of critical thinking. This could be used as an idea in the class as a project.

George Monbiot/TEDGlobal 2013 ‘For more wonder, rewild the world’


One more example with a similar content

Systems thinking: ”… Systems thinking, that everyone needs to analyze and apply ideas and to understand and command a complex system. Two other cognitive capacities are necessary to help make learners robot-proof…”P66 Aoun

The art of Refik Anadol’ is a good example to show when art and technology cames together what will happen?. I thought to add this here is necessary for my own record because it really minds bending how ‘system thinking’can change our lives.

Refik Anadol’ Engram: Data Sculpture for Melting Memories

Entrepreneurship: “…Creation of value by original means required by entrepreneurship. “…As the machines invade the labour market, the third cognitive capacity, entrepreneurship, will become increasingly valuable as a means for people to distinguish themselves in the digital business environment…to be clear, we must invent new workspaces while the machines are filling up old jobs. …Employees with an innovative mindset will invent new ways of valuing their companies and areas where no technology can be competent yet… “P67

This video below is a good example to add here, this might influence later my own teaching to mary art & science.

‘Cesar Harada How I teach kids to love science’

Cultural agility:  “…The intercultural experience provided by the various understandings and values of people in a global environment and from different cultures is very necessary for our cognitive capacity and this cultural agility enables an important component and professionals to perform successfully in intercultural intersections…”

“… By immersing students in diversity and celebrating its lessons, we enrich their minds, broaden their thinking, and build their value human literacy…”(60)Aoun

Discovering your identity at the Global Solutions Program | Singularity University
How we practice seen each other and working on what we struggle with social structure needs exercise and experiential learning. This video is how I d like to practice and promote diversity in similar ways. I think we need this type of behavioral workshops to practice our perceptive attitude, to break our mindset and have a more diverse culture.


GSP 2017 | Wrap-Up — Week


Bring different background people together to solve the problem of the world, and let them work on the same problem.

The Fourth Educational Revolution: Changing the face of Education in the context of Artificial Intelligence,

Different intelligence forms that we should give value to our curriculum.

We were used to using the IQ test for measuring the intelligence but, now we know more about human intelligence and IQ itself alone is not enough to measure the human intelligence. In the whole, intelligence has many layers of forms. Those forms are such us, EQ, CQ, SQ, and NQ.

‘EQ’/Emotional intelligence: “…Emotional intelligence” is also called the ‘emotional quotient’ or “EQ”, which is the name given to our own emotions and the capacity to recognize our and others emotions. “…It first time appeared in a paper by Michael Beldoch and gained popularity when American science journalist Daniel Goleman wrote his best-selling Emotional Intelligence in 1995…”

‘CQ’/Curiosity intelligence:As Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic writes “CQ… having a hungry mind. People with higher CQ are more inquisitive and open to new experience. They find novelty exciting and are quickly bored with routine. They tend to generate many original ideas and they are counter-conformist. (78)…CQ provides us all, including students, with the skill to negotiate through too much and too often incorrect fact and to develop the ability to ask the right questions…” Seldon, Anthony (Kindle locations 1206-1210)

‘SQ’/Spiritual intelligence:“…‘or SQ.  James Fowler described the ‘six stages’ of development of SQ in 1981, and this has been developed by psychiatrist Larry Culliford, who writes that it “links the deeply personal with the universal.”[79] Curiosity and spiritual intelligence need embedding in our education systems far more deeply in the fourth education era…”Seldon, Anthony (Kindle locations 1206-1210)

We moved very fast due to our catch up but we left our spirit behind our back.

What is Spiritual Psychology?

‘NQ’/Natural intelligence:  Natural intelligence ‘, “…NQ, claim to be the inherent ‘intelligence in nature, which allowed humans to evolve and our bodies to functions day by day with little input from our minds… NQ is responsible for mutations in cell and viruses, which can harm humanity, allowing people to evolve. In many ways, NQ, over which we have next to no control, exhibit far higher intelligence, ensuring we survive and flourish more than our IQs. This refers us to the Collective mind and consciousness…”Seldon, Anthony (Kindle locations 1206-1210)

We can explain this further with Carl Jung;

 “…collective unconscious, a term introduced by psychiatrist Carl Jung to represent a form of the unconscious (that part of the mind containing memories and impulses of which the individual is not aware) common to mankind as a whole and originating in the inherited structure of the brain. It is distinct from the personal unconscious, which arises from the experience of the individual. According to Jung, the collective unconscious contains archetypes, or universal primordial images and ideas…”Britannica

This could also refer us to magnetic Morphic areas.

Rupert Sheldrake – Morphic field


In addition to all, as Aoun suggest; we people are at the beginning of a new process and in the light of humanistic, economic and technological developments, higher education needs to re-self-renew and rather than educate their students for jobs that will disappear for a closer future, under the rising tide of technology, as twenty-first-century universities, they should save them from old career models and provide them with updated valued training that will enable them to take ownership of their own future. In this respect, to extend this with my own view; in order to provide solutions to the problems of mankind, the student needs a divergent thinking and a broader life-long education to gain intellectual wisdom.

To finalize everything, this journal became a collection of data to keep coming back for later use. I can say that extracting from all the data, I discovered many valuable exercises to practice. I have now a ground base of knowledge that is taken my learning further. My personal view; this journey helped me to know my self, better; encouraged me to formulate my own values; It gave me so many valuable and useful tools to synthesize my own educational combination. My next step is, to reflect and act, to put some of the key ideas into practical models for a possible learning exercise.


More inspirational videos

I also added some extra videos from Singularity University for my learning data collection (to come back later). I found their educational synergy very inspirational and practical. It may influence my own practice, but this will happen further in my development. I need time for such things to grow in me. When the right time came, to go deep dig in, I might work on them to formulate my own unique teaching style and technique.


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